Claimed By the Fae Lord by C.A. Worley (ePUB)

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Claimed By the Fae Lord (Brides of Falcondale #2) by C.A. Worley – Free eBooks Download


In the aftermath of her family’s ill-fated coup against the monarchy, Raina is granted an unexpected lifeline in the village of Greenhollow. Despite her efforts to reinvent herself, she finds it impossible to shake off her parents’ treacherous legacy or the tragic echoes of a love that was cruelly snatched away because she was too weak to hold onto it.
Contrary to his vindictive behaviors towards his ex-fiancé, Liam abandons everything to save Raina when she is snatched away in the middle of the night. Their reunion sparks a wildfire of desire from the ashes of their failed relationship—until Liam’s biting remarks drive an emotional wedge between them.
To shield the royal bloodline from the looming threat, Liam and Raina seek sanctuary within the protective borders of Ephandor. As dark forces conspire and secrets unravel, they must decide, will they repair their broken bond, or succumb to the torment of a love forever lost?

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