Claimed By The Alien Chief by Sloane Meyers (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Claimed By The Alien Chief (Zocrone of the Seven Galaxies #1) by Sloane Meyers – Free eBooks Download


Daxar Kotula serves as the all-powerful Chief of Zocrone, and he doesn’t allow visitors on his planet. He made the mistake of trusting outsiders once before, and it almost destroyed his people. So when human smuggler Nova Wolke and her crew crash land on his planet, he immediately tells them to get out. But in the short time it takes for Nova to repair her spaceship so she can leave, Daxar finds he can’t stop thinking about how soft and beautiful this intruder is…and how much he wants to claim her for himself. But that will never work. After all, he hates outsiders. Doesn’t he?

Nova Wolke lives life on the edge. Years ago, she left behind a tame life on Earth to make something of herself in the Seven Galaxies. Now she captains a ship running high stakes smuggling runs, and she’s always just one step ahead of disaster. When she’s forced to crash land on the remote planet of Zocrone, it looks like disaster has finally caught up with her. Zocrone’s Chief—an exotically sexy but horribly bullheaded alien with a hatred for outsiders—is making her life miserable at every turn. She just wants to get away from him…so why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Then, when an unexpected enemy attack forces Daxar and Nova to work together to save themselves and Zocrone, they both find themselves at a crossroads. Has the time come to forget their differences and trust the passion burning in their hearts?

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