City of Birds by Elisha Reids (ePUB)

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City of Birds by Elisha Reids – Free eBooks Download


Power is destructive, vengeance is lethal, her wrath will bring them all to their knees…

In a place where injustices thrive, seclusion is paramount and violence is the foundation of power, one decision changes the trajectory of Elyria Nightingales’ life forever.
Swept up in a rebellion group, Elyria is trained as a spy and deadly assassin, her craft is perfected and she is ready to face her enemy. Her mission is to deceive and lie to those around her in order to obtain secrets that will take down the corrupt government the Consulate.
However the feelings of lust and desire over someone she should not, threaten to ruin everything…
In a battle of strength, courage, and willpower, our heroine Elyria discovers not only her own capabilities but an inner fire of rage that threatens to burst out at any moment – putting herself and those closest to her in danger.
Uncovered truths will threaten to divert her mission, sway her moral compass, and even break her soul.

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