Cinderella’s Fling with the Off-Limits Billionaire by Clare Connelly (ePUB)

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Cinderella’s Fling with the Off-Limits Billionaire (Italian Rivals #4) by Clare Connelly – Free eBooks Download


Skye never expected her path to cross with a billionaire like Leandro, nor did she anticipate the proposition he’d make. A week of passion? Easy. But guarding her heart? Not so much…
Against the backdrop of Manhattan’s glittering skyscrapers, Leandro Valentino’s life takes a staggering blow. Unearthing the reality of his adoption shatters his world, leaving him adrift in a sea of unanswered questions. Desperately seeking distraction, fate throws him into the path of Skye Murphy, a woman fiercely guarding her independence and nursing deep wounds from her past.
Skye Murphy’s life is a balancing act, juggling her toddler’s needs with the crushing weight of insurmountable hospital debts. Emerging from the shadows of a manipulative relationship, she vows to steer clear of romantic complications. But when sexy Leandro Valentino offers her a proposition too tempting to refuse, Skye finds herself tempted into agreement.
Cinderella’s Fling with the Off-Limits Billionaire is a riveting tale of two souls, each battling their demons, who collide in the chaos of New York City. Leandro, craving a diversion from his unraveling reality, proposes a week of sheer indulgence—no strings attached, just unbridled pleasure and freedom. For Skye, the offer is a chance to temporarily cut loose from the burdens of life, to experience an opulence she’s never dared dream of—all without the risk of heartbreak.
As their week of passion unfolds, the lines between detachment and desire blur, challenging their no-strings pact. Leandro and Skye navigate the complexities of their arrangement, confronting their fears and vulnerabilities. Amidst sensual encounters, they find themselves tethered by something far more potent than either anticipated.
Will their fleeting liaison develop into something neither can live without, or will the realities of their vastly different worlds force them apart? Cinderella’s Fling with the Off-Limits Billionaire is a captivating journey of self-discovery, healing, and the unexpected ways love can find us when we least expect it. Dive into this enthralling romance and witness how a week of carefree adventure can become lifetime of love if you’re brave enough to let it.
A billionaire’s proposal. A single mother’s dilemma. A week that could change everything.

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