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Christmas Market with Cooper (Little Rock Daddies #4) by Lucky Moon – Free eBooks Download


Can this older Little love anyone as much as she loves Santa?

45-year-old Ivy Greene has always had a thing for Santa Claus – his jolly nature, his generous heart, his unconditional love. Sadly, no man has ever measured up to her vision of the perfect Saint Nick. That includes 40-year-old Cooper Hightower, Little Rock’s meticulous Mayor and festival organizer, who seems to be the polar opposite of Father Christmas.
Cooper’s rule is law, demanding perfection and order in everything. But when Ivy, with her holiday spirit and knack for handmade ornaments, tumbles into town, she stirs up more than just snowflakes. In fact, she accidentally torches the town’s beloved Christmas market.
With Little Rock’s festive spirit charred along with the market, a stern Cooper assigns Ivy the task of making things right. And with the residents’ spirits dipping lower than a snowman’s waistline, she concocts a plan to spark the town’s festive cheer, one handmade gift at a time. Astonishingly, Cooper supports her.
As they join forces, will Ivy realize that Cooper could be her very own Santa, bringing magic and love for all seasons? Plus, her Daddy Christmas has something Santa doesn’t have – some very naughty toys.

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