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Christmas for Keeps by Ryan Taylor, Joshua Harwood – eBooks Download


I was supposed to be on a winter vacation with my best friend in the delightfully snowy town of Stowe, Vermont.
I was supposed to be sipping hot chocolate, staying up late, and sharing secrets.
I was supposed to be making a fool of myself on the bunny slope and sneaking glances at hot guys.
I was not supposed to be sitting in the SUV I’d just rear-ended.
I was not supposed to lose my hotel reservations because said rear-ending made me miss check-in.
And I most definitely should not be sharing the cabin of the hottest man I’d ever touched.
Oh, did I mention the SUV and cabin belong To. My. Ex?
Can you call someone an ex if you never actually broke up?
God, he looks good. The last four years have definitely been kind to him. So, would it be so bad if we shared a kiss—only one—for old times’ sake?
But… What if we could make it work? What if how easy it has been to slip back into an “us” means there’s still hope?
What if this vacation isn’t just a getaway but a journey back home—for keeps this time?

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