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Christmas Crazy in July (Christmas Only Comes Once A Year) by Jenna Hendricks – Free eBooks Download


Christmas only comes once a year…
Except when it doesn’t.

No ugly sweater contests…
No sleigh bells ringing…
All isn’t Merry & Bright…
Bah humbug is my new normal. Or at least it was until someone came up with the “super” idea of having a post-pandemic Christmas in July.
How is Santa gonna come on a sleigh with his way too hot santa suit and deliver presents to everyone in July? Especially a July that’s going to leave its mark in the record books for hottest summer…EVER!
Now, I can’t even get a parking space in the shopping mall!
Since Christmas was cancelled all over the world last December, EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, is going Christmas Crazy!
I wasn’t going to do it, I swore to myself, and my family, that I was going to pass it up. Until He came along. Then everything changed.

I don’t know why some people are so up in arms about Christmas in July. I love Christmas, no matter the season. Even if hot cocoa by the fireplace isn’t the coolest thing to do right now.
Does it really matter what time of year we celebrate the Lord’s birth? I say, let’s celebrate and have some fun while opening the world back up!
I’m just glad that no one looks twice at me when I say I’m from Corona, Ca anymore. I swear, couldn’t they come up with a better name? It’s bad enough that people think I come from a beer capital, which I don’t. And there isn’t a Del Mar anywhere near me, thank you very much.
My best friend, and canine companion Bella, and I were doing just fine. Enjoying a walk to the shopping center on a fine summer morning. Honestly, I was only out looking for a Christmas Hawaiian print shirt. When out of nowhere, I heard a scream and saw the backside of a woman flailing out of a dress shop to unceremoniously drop headfirst into a mud pile created by a broken sprinkler.
I mean, come on, who doesn’t know by now that you can’t let sprinklers stay broken in Southern California? Hello, drought anyone?
I think it’s time I Santa Up and help the pretty girl sputtering mud out of her mouth, if only she didn’t hate me.

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