Christmas and Other Inconveniences by Tracy Broemmer (ePUB)

christmas other inconveniences, tracy broemmer

Christmas and Other Inconveniences (Betting On Christmas Collection) by Tracy Broemmer – Free eBooks Download


Jessica Bradshaw needs a date for her friend’s big city wedding. With her safe dates all busy on that fateful weekend, she’s running out of time.

Everyone in Holly Creek, New York, knows about the crazy bet Chelsea Calhoun’s bridesmaids and Rex Buchanan’s groomsmen made, including Hayes Kelley, Jessica’s boss. Hayes is happy to offer up single men in Holly Creek for her consideration, but he has no interest in being her wedding date—mainly because he has no interest in weddings.
Still, as her boss and friend, Hayes knows showing up at the wedding without a date will goose Jessica’s anxiety through the steeple of that big city church. How can he not give in and offer to be her date just to get her through what could be a horribly nerve-wracking weekend for her?
Jessica’s doubtful at first. Hayes Kelley at a wedding? And yet, the idea grows on her. He might be grumpy and set in his ways, but after working with him for the past ten years, she knows him well, and his presence at the wedding would be a comfort to her. They might even have fun together.
But what happens when the two of them willingly cross the line of friendship and find themselves in foreign territory? Will the wedding of the century end ten years of friendship for Jessica and Hayes? Or will they admit there just might be more to their relationship?

Introducing: The Betting On Christmas Collection
A big city billionaire with a bride from a small town.
A high society New York City wedding with a momzilla being bossy boots.
And a bridal party with one crazy bet.

Will the bridesmaids and groomsmen find their own dates to the wedding of the century this Christmas, or will they all fall victim to Momzilla’s decree?

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