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choose me, leah busboom

Choose Me (Connor Brothers #9) by Leah Busboom – Free eBooks Download


Luci wants to break out of her comfort zone. Austin wants to forget his string of ex-girlfriends.
Luci’s always been the one who fades into the background. The serious student, the shy software developer who never rocks the boat, the non-athlete who prefers a good book to a hike up a mountain. But that’s all going to change! She’s resolved to break out of her dull life with a little adventure—by learning to ski and scaling a rock-climbing wall.
To Luci’s utter mortification, the hunky Austin keeps turning up at all these activities—as the ski instructor and as the rock-climbing teacher. Despite her lack of athletic prowess and the fact that they initially get off on the wrong foot, Luci and Austin are attracted to each other. Maybe a fling with the cute guy is just what she needs to find the thrill of adventure?
Austin has had his share of girlfriends and was even engaged not too long ago. Playing the field was great, until it wasn’t. He’s tired of these flighty relationships that only lead to heartbreak. Has he been dating the wrong kind of woman?
After Austin meets Luci and gets to know her, he’s convinced that she could be the one. But can he convince her that he’s the one? Especially when Luci’s meddlesome mom tries to match Luci with someone who she feels is more suitable.
Can Austin win Luci’s heart, and will she choose him?

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