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Chief Executive Officer (The Executive #1) by KJ Holliday – Free eBooks Download


A fun, sexy love story that swaps the narrative of most modern-day office romances.

Caroline Westbrook, the second-generation CEO of her family’s Fortune 500 Company, wanted nothing more than to make Westbrook, LLC uber profitable. When her boyfriend dumps her because she works too much, she isn’t all that surprised. It wasn’t the first time, and it probably wouldn’t be the last.

Enter Colton Bowman, who waltzes into her office late on a Friday night like he owns the place. The disaster of both of their days begins with a drink, and ends with him tossing up her skirts over the side of her desk in the early hours of the morning.

Neither of them expected their night together would leave them wanting more, or that a chance encounter in the company break room a few weeks later would prompt Caroline to do something stupid. She’d just gotten out of a relationship, and didn’t have any desire to jump into another one, but that didn’t stop her from seeking Colton out and tumbling them into a series of sexual encounters that left them both sweaty and satisfied.

Figuring out what she really wants outside of work, while also navigating the intricacies of a potential relationship in modern day Corporate America, proves to be anything but business as usual.

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