Cheers to the Mountain Man by Kate Tilney (ePUB)

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Cheers to the Mountain Man (Holidays with a Mountain Man) by Kate Tilney – Free eBooks Download


A curvy jilted bride and a long-suffering mountain man find true love while faking a relationship for New Year’s Eve.

I want a boyfriend for New Year’s Eve. Nothing serious. In fact, I’d rather if it wasn’t. Last Christmas, my fiancé left me at the alter. One year later, I can’t take another holiday with all of the pitying stares from people who mean well. A kiss at midnight in front of everyone at the town’s New Year’s Eve party should stop all of that. So I ask the one person who I know will help me out without making it weird: my brother’s best friend Clark.
He’s turns out to be the perfect fake boyfriend. He’s punctual. He returns calls. He even looks great in a tuxedo. But the more Clark and I fake being in love, the more real my feelings become.

I would do anything for Nova. She’s my best friend’s little sister. While I’d like to find her loser ex-fiancé and teach him a lesson, being her date to the town’s New Year’s Eve party is easy enough. Besides, it’ll keep all of the meddling mothers from trying to set me up with their daughters for a change.
There’s just one thing. I’ve been crazy about Nova for years. That means I have until New Year’s to convince Nova, her brother, and everyone that our fake relationship deserves a real shot. Otherwise, after midnight everything will go back to the way it was, and I’ll miss my one shot to make Nova mine.

Holidays with a Mountain Man is a series of short, sweet, and steamy instalove romances set during some of your favorite holidays. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Happily Ever After guaranteed!

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