Cheering on the Single Dad by Brynn Hale (ePUB)

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Cheering on the Single Dad (Sip Happens Neighborhood Pub #3) by Brynn Hale, Elsie James – Free eBooks Download


Cancer took my wife seven years ago, but it still feels like just yesterday to me.
The only thing that changes these is my son West, growing like a weed and smarter than me. But don’t tell him that!
He’s nine and a great baseball player like I was.
But there are days when I feel like he’s only playing the sport for me, to make me happy.
One night, when West is sleeping over at a friend’s, I stop into Sip Happens to watch a game and meet a fellow baseball fanatic.
That unfamiliar and long-lost spark is reignited inside of me for this spitfire of a woman with hair as big as her personality.
Vale is rowdy, shaped like a juicy pear and just as delicious, and not looking for forever.
I invite her to come to one of West’s games and after, I find out a truth I already knew.
She wants to help me connect deeper with West, but I have trouble letting people in.
Will I follow her advice and become closer to my son and maybe to her?
Or will I let one woman’s memory keep me from loving another one?

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