Cheating Death by Louisa West (ePUB)

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Cheating Death (My Celestial Midlife #2) by Louisa West – Free eBooks Download


She thought life couldn’t get more complicated. She was wrong.

Bunny Major has finally come to terms with her crazy cosmic role and is just starting to get the hang of things when she lets her lips get her in trouble–and Death loses his memory. Now not only is she responsible for his well being, but she has to prevent accidental deaths too. Easier said than done, when her night-job involves looking after a nursing home containing some elderly people ready to leave this world for the next one.
But a chance encounter with a repairman leaves Bunny shell-shocked and desperate for help. She turns to celestial receptionist Roberta for help, and together with angelic forces she finds out what’s got the old folks of Arcadian Waters care home frothing at the mouth–literally–but she isn’t sure she’s ready to deal with the fallout.
A trip home gives her the grounding she needs to move forward, but her celestial duties will have her taking two steps back. Can Bunny stop an evil plot in time, and will Death ever be the same again?

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