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Chasing the Puck (Sin Bin Stories #2) by Lyssa Lemire – Free eBooks Download


When it comes to love, I have one rule: no hockey players.
So it’s bad news when I’m booked to share a hotel room with the only player who’s ever tempted me to break it—and really bad news when there’s only one bed.

Tuck McCoy: Everything I’ve learned the hard way to stay away from. Rich. Cocky. A shameless player. With his honey-sweet drawl, deep dimples, and bright blue eyes, he could make any girl forget not only her rules, but her own name.
Me: A drama major with Broadway dreams. I have too much going on in my life to deal with the heartache that men like Tuck promise. Even when I’m assigned to tutor him and learn that there’s way more to him than meets the eye, I know that letting my guard down would be a mistake I can’t afford to make.
But I make that mistake, when we meet on the hot and sweaty dance floor of a club one night and I let him take me in ways I’ve never been taken before.
Then I make it again, after I walk in on him stepping out of the shower in our hotel room.
It seems I can’t stop making mistakes with Tuck McCoy.
I just hope I can stop myself from making the biggest mistake possible: falling in love …

Chasing the Puck is a full-length hockey romance novel with lots of steam, sizzling banter, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA ending!

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