Chasing the Cowboy by Lexi Asher (ePUB)

chasing cowboy, lexi asher

Chasing the Cowboy (Lakeside Love #4) by Lexi Asher – Free eBooks Download


Underneath our friendship there is always the delicious burning of something else…
We grew up in this small town, and now work closely together on the ranch.
We’re just friends, but the way he’s protective of me and my little son makes me want more.
It makes me hunger for the things that I suspect lie beneath our platonic relationship.
Seeing him again after all those years, I had almost forgotten how handsome he is.
But what did I expect of an NFL player and personal trainer?
His black hair and dazzling green eyes remind of a mystical forest…
They remind me of the woman in me … of my female desires … my yearning.
Sometimes I wonder whether I’m just imagining the hunger in his eyes.
Whether my secret fantasies of him may not be getting the best of me.
But then I see that strong, shirtless body and the way he looks at me.
The tension builds up … we get close … and all I want is …
… to get out of this wretched friend zone and into the cowboy’s heart.

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