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chasing connor, jayne kingsley

Chasing Connor (Love By Design #2) by Jayne Kingsley – Free eBooks Download


Love isn’t part of the design, until it is … Gray Designs is Sydney’s premier architectural firm. Family run, they are all about being the best and hiring the best. What the employees don’t count on is Brian Gray, founder and informal matchmaker, meddling in their private lives. Let the fun begin.

Guy rule no. 1: your best mate’s little sister is off limits.

Connor Linton doesn’t have room in his life for curve-balls. With a dream architectural job on the line and a mum about to fall to pieces, the last thing he needs is a complication.
Ava De Vere is definitely a complication.
Especially when the surly and gangly teen he remembers from high school has blossomed into someone else entirely.

Ava worked hard to become the best sustainability consultant possible. Being invited to consult on a project for Gray Designs architecture firm is right up there on her bucket list. Too bad it means coming face to face with her brother who hates her guts, and the lead architect, Connor, her brother’s best friend.

Complicated? Just a little.
Worth it? Absolutely.

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