Chasing A Second Chance by Lexi Asher (ePUB)

chasing second chance, lexi asher

Chasing A Second Chance (Lakeside Love #1) by Lexi Asher – Free eBooks Download


My brother’s best friend rejected me years ago, breaking my heart into a million pieces.
Now I’ve moved back home and here he is again … with his chocolate brown eyes and his perfect frame. How naïve I was to believe I could live here and avoid him. But I swear, this time I will not allow his sultry looks or half-naked body to woo me.
But for how long can I stay strong? After all, he’s a dazzling mechanic and deep inside I’m still a small town girl.
Feelings don’t just go away, though I’m not sure my heart will be able to handle my own being reawakened.
Yet after all these years, the spark between us is still there …
When I’m in the same room as him, my body becomes feverish with excitement … I can literally feel him on my skin …
But can you imagine that he is angry at me? Still, underneath his anger there is something else sizzling.
It reminds me of that sweet summer when we fell in love … and it scares the hell out of me.
I’m terrified of the way I could love him … of the way he could love me … if only I let him.
But will I …

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