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Chased By Fate by Brenda Lowder – Free eBooks Download


It’s a great day until you find out someone’s gonna die…
I never wanted the visions. When they caused the breakup of my family, I tried everything to escape them. My life was on a rough road that dead-ended at death until an out-of-body experience put me right.

Now my life is changing. I’m wing-man to my new roommate as he woos his neighbor, and I’m the only support to my estranged sister through her looming divorce and grand entrance into online dating. And I heed every one of my visions and promptings. I run around town doing what I can to help—one person at a time.

Until I yank Henry Desmond from the path of an oncoming truck and discover the threat to his life doesn’t stop there. Unlike everyone else I’ve helped, Henry won’t stay saved. Every time I rescue him, the danger multiplies—for both of us. I’d stay away, but I’m falling in love, and fate won’t stop chasing us…

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