Charming the Widow by Kit Morgan (ePUB)

charming widow, kit morgan

Charming the Widow (Love in Apple Blossom #3) by Kit Morgan – Free eBooks Download


A Suspicious Widow
A Reluctant Englishman
And Two Mischievous Children …

When Six Englishmen come to Apple Blossom, they turn the town upside-down by not leaving. Instead, they take it upon themselves to help a few poor folks out by sprucing up their houses! Next on their list: The Widow Crawford. But Sarah Crawford didn’t trust the newcomers, and was it any wonder? The last strangers that came through town killed her husband. They appeared to be decent men, just like the Englishmen. So far they’d fixed things up for a rancher and Apple Blossom’s own lady sheriff. But just because they trusted them didn’t mean Sarah had to. After all, she had to protect herself and her children.

Irving Darlington (Darling to the folks in Apple Blossom) carried a heavy burden. If his older brother Sterling decides to stay in Apple Blossom for good, the title and estate would fall to him once their father passed on. But Irving wasn’t sure he could handle things properly. Sterling was the one prepared by their father to take things over, not him. The prospect looming, he does his best to avoid the Widow Crawford’s suspicious looks. How can he prove to her he’s trustworthy and has only her best interest in mind? How will he prove it to all those he’ll be responsible for back home in England? And how can he work on the Widow’s house without losing his heart completely? Was he willing

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