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Charm (Brutal Kings #7) by Mya Grey – Free eBooks Download


I rescued her.
We spent a steamy night together.
Now she’s mine.
I saved her, claimed her, made her mine.
If they come for her again… I’ll kill them.
Taking her home feels right, even though I know it’s wrong.
She asked me to be her fake husband as a joke.
I’m not in a joking mood when it comes to her safety.
Still, I agreed to play along with the sham marriage. And given that I can’t keep my hands off her, it’s a convincing show we’re putting on. This is a dangerous game, one we both might lose.
But I have no intention of losing Andy.
I won’t let her go. Even when this is over, there’s no way I can give her up. She’s mine.
My secrets, though, might drive a wedge between us. One that can’t be fixed easily. A secret involving her brother, Kyle, and his death.
She’s in my blood now, more intoxicating than any drink, more addictive than any drug, and when everything blows up in my face, I’ll do anything to shield her from the blast… but she’ll hate me for my secrets.
I’ll keep her safe regardless of her feelings about me.

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