Charged Elemental by Embry Fox (ePUB)

charged elemental, embry fox

Charged Elemental (The Zeita Chronicles #2) by Embry Fox – Free eBooks Download


Losing her mates forced Summit to dig deeper than even she thought possible. Hell has its own trials and tribulations she must face. The question still remains if Summit is strong enough to beat them, rather than succumb to them.
Sage is constantly watching. Her mind wonders with what if’s concerning her sister. Each day Summit sinks further away from Sage, but there’s no way out. It would only be a matter of time and she knew she was hopeless to do anything. Sage had her own battles to face, or rather, she had to fight for her mates while her sister grew further and further away. The choice was simple. Her mates or her sister. Sage worried that no matter what she did, somehow, she’d lose.
Can the twins be saved, or will it be too late? The Darkness is coming, and no one said He was going to play fair. Every choice has a consequence, can the Zeita Sister handle theirs?

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