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Change My Ticket by Zarah Detand – Free eBooks Download


Movie star meets med school dropout in this London-based, contemporary MM romance

When your key credential is looking good in spandex, your first serious role matters. Too bad that Gabe Duke can’t seem to get a proper handle on the molecular biologist he’s meant to portray. A chance meeting with a young researcher feels like the perfect opportunity to learn more about life in a lab, especially when that researcher seems ignorant of Gabe’s spot on lists like Hollywood’s Hottest Men Under 25.
Ray Fadil should learn how to refuse a dare. Being caught with his hand in the till—or appropriating university property for an early Halloween display, as the case may be—isn’t how he wanted his Sunday to go. At least the guy who caught him shows more interest in Ray’s experience with cell proliferation than in ratting him out. Meeting the guy for a coffee seems like a small price to pay, in particular since he’s rather easy on the eyes.
It’s the fast start of a friendship neither of them was expecting. While Gabe is aware there’s attraction, too, he’s not about to give an industry outsider a guided tour of his closet. That’s until a forced outing takes the choice from him—and Ray’s flat seems like the best place to hide for a while.

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