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changer her mind, madeleine sharp

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Dr. Sophie Ingram has a dilemma: her troubled younger sister Chloe wants to move in. Sophie has her own problems, including a cheating fiancé and a mistake at work that ended her dreams of an academic career. But the biggest obstacle to sharing a roof with Chloe is that Chloe is the person who slept with her fiancé.

Sophie doesn’t think she can forgive Chloe, but when her parents’ hotshot lawyer, Jack, writes her off as a spoiled rich girl, she is motivated to prove him wrong by supporting her sister. Chloe is not an easy roommate, and drama at home is that last thing Sophie needs as she fights to save her fledgling medical career. So when Chloe runs into legal trouble, Sophie is forced to ask Jack for help. He’s cocky, condescending, and willing to come to the rescue pro bono. Is he in love with Chloe, or does he have another agenda?

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