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Chains (Devil’s Carnage MC #3) by Jewel Craven – Free eBooks Download


First loves are never forgotten.
At eighteen, Bodie Dawson was my everything. I believed he would be my first, and my last. But circumstances changed, and after one betrayal too many, He just suddenly disappeared. Ghosting me. I was desperate to forget about him,so I thought nothing of it to accept a date from his best friend Caleb.
He treated me like a girl should be treated, showering me with gifts, and being a genuinely nice guy. or so I thought, and soon we were engaged at twenty, and married at twenty-two.
But I still couldn’t forget about my first love. A love that had broken my heart into a million pieces. And being best friends with the princess of the DCMC brought me back into his orbit. But he was cold and distant, not the same Bodie Dawson that had left. He was now going by the road name Chains, discarding his Bodie persona forever. Becoming harsh and unyielding.
I persevered with my marriage, and for the first few years, I was happy, but I never thought the one man I believed loved me more than anything else in this world would turn into a coldhearted monster.
She was always meant to be mine.

At twenty-one, I was a prospect for the Devil’s Carnage MC after escaping from a family life that was nothing to write home about. My new family was a rag-tag bunch of bikers, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
So, when my president asked me to do a job for the club, after which I would become a full member; I jumped at the chance. I never thought I would meet Zoe Cullen, who would become the love of my life, at a frat party.
But it was never meant to be, and I left her behind, heartbroken and hating me. Returning four years later, with my head finally screwed on straight, ready to fight for my woman. I discover she’s married to the one man I never dreamed she’d fall for.
Bitter and twisted, a collection of women became a fixture in and out of my bed. Until one day, the one woman I could never forget lay injured in a hospital bed. Seeing my opportunity to right the wrongs of our past, I made my move, and vowed I would never be the cause breaking Zoe’s heart ever again.

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