Celestial Sins by Clarissa Bright (ePUB)

celestial sins, chloe parker

Celestial Sins (Falling Star #1) by Clarissa Bright, Chloe Parker – Free eBooks Download


Aliens took me from my life as a high society princess. My body is my only bargaining chip, and my pleasure their currency.
When I sat on the rooftop and wished every night that someone would take me away, this isn’t what I meant. Now my biggest problems–my stepmom, my dad’s expectations–are dwarfed in comparison to my new life.
An alien with tentacles wants to make me his wife. Not just his wife–his queen.
And if I give in to my body’s desires, I would also be giving up everything I’ve ever fought for.
But he’s not the only one that wants me. There are his two bodyguards, both with broad shoulders, big muscles, and blazing eyes. They share everything, and I don’t know if that includes me.
There’s the ship’s pilot, a human cyborg with skilled hands and a heart of gold.
And of course, there’s the assassin chasing us across the galaxy, who seems to be everywhere at once.
These men will kill me. Or they will drive me mad with pleasure. Until Earth seems just as alien as they are–and I have to decide where home actually is.

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