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Celestial Hearts Anthology by Tracy Cooper-Posey, et al – Free eBooks Download


Celestial Hearts: A Sci-Fi Romance Anthology is a limited-time collection from three unique voices in science fiction romance.

For readers who long for love stories that transcend galaxies and sweep you away from the realities of planet Earth, lose yourself in this collection and discover your next favorite author! From diners in futuristic space cities to grand ballrooms on luxurious deep space cruise ships, you’ll have every chance for a starry-eyed romantic encounter.

Three authors. Three stories. Three chances for love among the stars.
Hurry, this collection won’t be available for long! Grab your copy now to get all three novellas at one great price.

Captain Santiago and the Sky Dome Waitress
by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Captain Elijah Santiago is one of the most successful fleet merchants in the known worlds. Rumors claim that even though he is human, he is more machine-like than any Varkan. With iron discipline, he powers through his lucrative days with a complete lack of emotions.

Lucie is a newly minted Varkan, formerly a city-mind, but now with a human body. She finds her new physical world challenging, sometimes frightening, and always emotionally draining.

When Santiago spots the diminutive dark-haired woman on his ship, old wounds are opened, for Lucie has the appearance of a woman that tore Santiago’s life apart; Blake. The exact appearance; for Blake donated her DNA to the public pool for Varkans to use, and Lucie literally has Blake’s cloned body. Santiago must avoid Lucie, or risk ripping open his heart once more.

Only, Lucie has taken a waitressing job at Santiago’s favourite sky dome restaurant….

Orion’s Masquerade
by M.E. Rose

Years ago, Chancellor Talia Steele’s husband vanished during an exploration mission, leaving her alone to lead their aging generation ship. Now, with New Horizon’s life support on the brink of exhaustion, Talia must attend Orion’s Masquerade—a rare event where leaders from across the galaxy come together to forge alliances through marriage. It’s her last hope to secure a future for her people and their unborn daughter, who lies in stasis awaiting a chance at life.

Ryker Steele survived, though. He crash-landed on an uncharted planet, one that New Horizon’s colony can call home. After grueling years of survival and rebuilding his vessel from scrap, he’s finally on his way back to Talia . . . only to find that she’s left.

With time running out, Ryker must race against the clock to reunite with Talia and save their family and their people from being scattered across the galaxy. Will love be enough to bring them back together, or will he lose her to Orion’s Masquerade?

by Erin Zarro

Princess Tasa of Aridia has been kidnapped and enslaved aboard a spaceship, forced to mend clothing and suffer horrific abuse. As the days go by without a rescue, she loses all hope of ever being free. Until one day, she calls out for help with her psi ability and someone, an unlikely ally, answers….

The ship’s new engineer, Orin, hears the princess’s call and vows to free her. In order to do so, he must teach her how to use her psi ability to defend herself. He is Larinu, possessing magic, which Princess Tasa was raised to believe would taint her soul.

Can Orin convince her to let him help her to have this one chance at freedom? And possibly love, too?

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