Caveman Alien’s Call by Calista Skye (ePUB)

caveman call, calista skye

Caveman Alien’s Call (Caveman Aliens #17) by Calista Skye – Free eBooks Download


A tribe of crazy cavemen wants to eat me.
They’ve even put me in a pot and hung it over a fire.
It’s a little much after I’ve been buried alive for the second time in two weeks and barely survived a terrible earthquake that tore the ground open.
But that’s common on prehistoric planet Xren, where alien dinosaurs roam around and the mosquitoes are the size of seagulls.
And if the jungle doesn’t kill you, the huge cavemen will.
The only one who can help me is another caveman called Torant’ar. But he’s all tied up.
And I don’t even know how much help he’d be. He got me into this situation in the first place, refusing to protect me in the jungle while pitching a ridiculous tent in his loincloth.
I’m getting sweaty. The water in this pot is heating up fast. I have to get out of this on my own.
I’m the first woman these guys have ever seen, and they’re clearly more aroused than hungry.
So I think I know something that will work…
This demented, primitive tribe is about to eat my female.
My female! Don’t they know I will murder them all if they touch a hair on her head?
If only she would have let me follow my plan, this would not have happened.
Now I’m tied up and can barely move. But if I get even the slightest chance, I’ll get her out of that pot, take her away from here and make her mine.
Mine in every way.

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