Caught Looking by Aven Ellis (ePUB)

caught looking, aven ellis

Caught Looking (Washington DC Soaring Eagles #4) by Aven Ellis – Free eBooks Download


Chase McLeary is gorgeous.
A ginger-haired, flame-throwing professional baseball player whose smile is as beautiful as his heart.
He’s Meghan McKenna’s new boyfriend, and he’s absolutely perfect to her.
If only the romance were real …

The one thing Meghan McKenna can’t do is fall for Chase McLeary.
Chase—the ace pitcher for the Washington DC Soaring Eagles baseball team—helps Meghan stick it to her awful ex-boyfriend by acting like her date in his presence. But after a perfect night, Chase suggests they continue the ruse for their own benefits. Meghan readily agrees to keep up the charade, at least for a few weeks.
When Chase begins to “court” Meghan like he would a woman he wanted to date, Meghan finds the lines between fake and reality blurring in her heart.

Knowing Chase only has friendly feelings for her, Meghan vows when their timeline is up, she will end things and the world will never know it was a pathetic fake romance. But when she catches Chase looking at her one night, she begins to wonder if this ruse could become something real after all…

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