Caught in the Storm of a Duke’s Heart by Abby Ayles (ePUB)

caught in storm, abby ayles

Caught in the Storm of a Duke’s Heart by Abby Ayles – Free eBooks Download


She didn’t know what she was seeking, until she found him. He didn’t wish to live any longer, until she gave him a reason to…

Judith Brewen’s bid to find her life’s true meaning has her embarking on a journey to Northern England. But there is a storm gathering and her plans will be forcefully cut short…
Stranded in a dark forest with only her maid for company, Judith happens upon a gloomy estate and seeks shelter from its mysterious owner, a man used to living in the shadows.
Stephen Dunham, the Duke of Sawbrook, wastes away as life passes him by. A horrible accident left him broken, despite the fact that no physical injuries remained. Now his health is declining and he has lost all hope and will to live.
As Judith starts breathing life into the husk that was Dunham estate and its gloom slowly dissipates before Stephen’s eyes, he starts hoping for a future again.
But can he really condemn this lovely lady that has been a ray of sunshine in his darkness into misery, watching his life fade a little more each day…?

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  • Caught in the Storm of a Duke’s Heart – Abby Ayles ePUB



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