Caught in the Storm by Marie Harper Wright (ePUB)

caught storm, marie harper wright

Caught in the Storm (Wells Creek #1) by Marie Harper Wright – Free eBooks Download


Her car has broken down in the worst storm for a decade and now she’s in a stranger’s bed.

Stranded in the middle of a raging storm, romance is the last thing on Stacy’s mind. Seeking refuge at a stranger’s house with his entire family isn’t exactly a fairy-tale either. And covering her body in chocolate and whipped cream for her saviour to lick off her is definitely not an acceptable way to say thank you. But it sure as hell feels good. Too bad she has to leave in three weeks.
He’d been a gentleman by offering Stacy a place to stay during the storm with him and his family. He’d been a saint by giving up his own bed while he slept on the sofa. But now the storm is over and he has Stacy alone, all bets are off. He’s going to show her exactly how a gentleman looks after a woman. But if he’s not careful, she’ll steal a piece of his heart when she leaves town.

Three weeks together. That’s all they have. And yet they need so much more.

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