Catchin’ Wesley by Donna R. Mercer (ePUB)

catchin' wesley, donna mercer

Catchin’ Wesley (Inappropriate Date Agency #2) by Donna R. Mercer – Free eBooks Download


Wesley Simmons was being threaten.
Threaten by her own grandmother. Bring home a date for Christmas or she will find one for her. Her grandmother didn’t care if the man was old and had more toes than teeth. All she knew is that Wesley needed a man, and she was determined to find one for her.
Carter Elliott worked for the Inappropriate Date Agency. It was the go-to place for ex-cons, and Carter was the ex-ist of them all. Don’t let his handsome good look fool you. He didn’t earn the moniker of the Kissing Bandit for no reason. Only he didn’t kiss and tell. He had a way about him that charmed women, and he was sure he could charm the girdle right off of Wesley’s grandmother.

Wesley Simmons loved her career as a marketing advisor. She received great satisfaction from helping her unique blend of small business owners reach their marketing goal. She never thought that she would require the service of one of the business.
Carter Elliott was a former con-artist trying to stay on the straight and narrow, but temptation was everywhere he turned. Take his latest assignment for the Inappropriate Date Agency. His task to be inappropriate in front of Wesley Simmons’ family was the easy part. Trying not to get inappropriate with Wesley Simmons was a distinctly different problem. That was fine by Carter. He was a creative problem solver and lover.

If he charmed the pants off of some unsuspecting, but totally smokin’ female in the process, then so be it.

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