Cat out of Hell, Vol. I by Candace Blevins (ePUB)

cat out of hell, candace blevins

Cat out of Hell, Vol. I (Out of the Fire #4) by Candace Blevins – Free eBooks Download


Becca was traded to the Hell realm when she finally messed up enough to receive a death sentence. At first, she’d preferred Hell to death most days, but once she was traded to a different Lord of Hell, even a painful death would’ve been preferable.

The Amakhosi couldn’t leave Becca in the situation she’d landed, but what to do with her if he could get her back? She’d earned her death sentence and couldn’t be trusted on her own, but what if her years in Hell had changed her?

Kendric was once known as Caligula. Now he’s a porn king, and the Master Vampire of Florida. His tastes have always run to the sadistic and macabre, but he’s known for being fair to his slaves and underlings. He also prefers feline shifters to all others. When the Amakhosi offers him one of his problem cats, neither man is sure who will be doing whom a favor. They agree to decide that part later, and Becca lands in Kendric’s coterie house as his newest slave.

After two thousand years of life, Kendric has never found another soul so much like him. Letting others see his preferences and penchants once set him up for assassination, and it got Becca sent to Hell. Could he teach her how to hide her true nature and play by the rules of society when in public? Most importantly, after the decades of abuse she’s survived, could she ever enjoy intimacy with a man? Was this his punishment for breaking so many people over the centuries, so when he finally found his soul mate, she’d been irreparably broken?

This is book one in the Cat out of Hell trilogy. It takes three full-length novels to tell Becca and Kendric’s story.

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