Carmichael’s Omega by Leona Page (ePUB)

carmichael's omega, leona page

Carmichael’s Omega (Not Quite An Alpha) by Leona Page – Free eBooks Download


Carmichael Javier Reyes is the alphason of a broken pack. The Lobogris are nothing more than violent criminals and Carmichael is their crown prince. Cold, remote, and vicious, Carm despises omegas for the manipulative, underhanded weaklings they are.

Cassie and Mattie are twins and the adopted siblings of a powerful, wealthy wolf. Beloved in their pack, soft-hearted, and caring, the twins live in security and happiness. Separated to attend universities, the twins are unaware of the alpha in their future.

Carmichael is horrified to meet his mate. Cassie is everything he has been taught to hate. Even so, he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Fighting his instincts, he refuses to subject his pack to an omega luna and refuses to expose Cassie to his twisted pack of animals.

Then, he meets Mattie.

Author’s Warning: This is a MMF menage shifter romance. Mature for violence, sexual situations, language, dubious consent, and toeing the line of sibling kink.

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