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carlin, ali parker

Carlin (The Casanova Club #16) by Ali Parker – Free eBooks Download


It’s been six months since the woman I thought I would spend the rest of my life with married another man.

A cowboy.

I’m happy for Piper. At least I tell myself I am when I catch myself thinking about her. She’s long gone, but I’m still here, going through the motions of my life in Port Orchard.

I’m lucky enough to have a new office administrator to help out when my company faces a new threat: we have competition. Another company, the SLC, is closing in on my logging territory and threatening the livelihood of my crew and their families.

I can’t let that stand.

In the midst of dealing with this enemy crew I find myself drawn to the new girl. She’s a bright ray of sunshine—but she’s off limits. She’s my employee, nothing more, and I need to keep my head in the game. Besides, could I really have been in love with Piper if I’m feeling this way about someone else?

Am I capable of loving at all?

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