Capturing a Nobleman’s Heart by Abigail Agar (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Capturing a Nobleman’s Heart by Abigail Agar – Free eBooks Download


Destiny Turner has just moved to England from America with her mother and British father. Determined that she will find a husband of noble birth and outstanding character, she is met with surprises when it turns out that the culture around her is not what she expected at all… Will she manage to capture the heart of the man who stole hers? Or will the criticizing ton make sure she never calls England home?

Sir Samuel Moore is a man who loves worldly fun and has no desire to settle himself. But when his father has had enough of the games, Samuel finds himself with a demanding deadline to make a match. When his time is running out, a young lady with American origins will appear out of nowhere into his life and will turn his world upside down. But will he succeed in going against all odds, winning her interest and, eventually, her love?

As the gossip and pride of society collide, Destiny and Samuel find themselves wondering how they could possibly find happiness. Will they find a way to lean on one another when they need it the most? Will their love overcome the unexpected hurdles on their way?

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