Captured By the Shadow Demon by Brenna Harlow (ePUB)

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Captured By the Shadow Demon (Sinner Lords #1) by Brenna Harlow – Free eBooks Download


“Sinners are more fun anyway, aren’t they, my corrupted little doe…”
For a time, it seemed like the past was behind me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
It was always there, lurking in the shadows, slipping into my dreams, and tearing at the seams of my reality.
He came at exactly the right time, killing and possessing a group of muggers, when they decided I was a flower they wanted to de-petal.
One moment, I’m just a college student trying to discover who she truly is. The next, I’m being held captive by a demon who has unknowingly haunted me for the last five years.
Now I’m his, and I’m not sure if he’s saved me or dragged me down to hell with him. One thing is for certain, he’s evil, and he won’t release me until he’s consumed me whole.
My father may be a preacher, but I’m no saint… and he knows every one of my darkest secrets.
His favorite form of torture? Helping me reenact my sins.

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