Captured By the Hunter by Lynnea Lee (ePUB)

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Captured by the Hunter (Xarc’n Warriors #7) by Lynnea Lee – Free eBooks Download


No one ever told me the bugpocalypse would be so lonely.
I was ready when the man-eating space bugs descended from the skies. I have everything I need in my fortress: food, water, and my dog, Waffles, but I’m bored out of my gourd and lonely AF. So when a Xarc’n warrior breaks into my home, I decide to “detain” my purple intruder.
Note to self: tranquilizer darts and zip ties do not hold big, burly hunters. At all. Now I have more muscley warrior than I know what to do with pressing me up against the counter and claiming I’m his.

Captured by a little hunter.
Checking up on a kid and his dog is not my idea of fun; I’d rather be out shooting down flyers or hunting for my mate. But Tilly is not a male or a child. Her enticing scent calls to me, and I follow it to her home.
When I approach, she shoots me with a tranquilizer. Imagine my surprise when I wake with my wrists tied and her straddling my body. If my mate wants to play, all she has to do is ask.

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