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Captured (Gatekeepers of the Gods #2) by Jennifer Chance – Free eBooks Download


Next to her beauty, I’m nothing but a beast. That doesn’t change my job.

Lauren Grant, pain-in-the-ass celebutante and best friend of the future queen of Oûros, has a problem. She’s caught the eye of a billionaire ballbreaker who won’t take no for an answer, and the crown needs me to keep her safe.
I may be just a rough-edged demigod more comfortable with dive bars than diamonds, but I sure as Hades will keep this jackal from getting his claws into the icy blonde. Then I learn Lauren’s wannabe boyfriend is actually a minion of the creeper god Typhon—avowed enemy of my own great-great forebear, Zeus. Yeah, no.
Even if I didn’t have my orders, I’d take on this challenge just for fun.
Then, little by little, I realize things aren’t exactly what they seem with the haughty American. She’s hiding real terror behind her perfect façade, unwilling or unable to let anyone in. The more I learn, the more protecting Lauren Grant becomes my only goal. I’ll tease her—tempt her—do whatever it takes to keep her safely by my side.
I just can’t fall in love with her.

This book was previously released as a contemporary romance and told a story that hid the true nature of the royal family as gatekeepers of the gods. By order of Olympus, this book has been updated to set the record straight.

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