Captured By a Disiac Warrior by Tania Sharp (ePUB)

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Captured by a Disiac Warrior (Disiac Brothers #1) by Tania Sharp – Free eBooks Download


Can a chief Disiac alien warrior convince a gifted female Earthling to help save his alien race?

All Chloe wants is to launch her online design business so she can finally earn a decent income, leave her dreaded bar job, and live in peace with her Auntie Mary, a slightly mad woman with a strange obsession with reptile pets, who has raised Chloe since she was ten.
Chloe’s life on Earth is not in her hands anymore though.
She’s about to be abducted by a hot, charming and extremely lean and muscular alien warrior to Planet Disiac, an aphrodisiac planet with marvelously intimate wonders.
Mavark has spent ages searching Planet Earth for a suitable female human with the skills to help continue his race. The Disiac people are in danger of becoming extinct thanks to the evil King Sloid and his beastly robotic Noids.
He has chosen Chloe for her determination, grit, and hidden abilities. The trouble is, her feisty character and stubborn ways make her difficult to persuade.
Will Mavark be able to bring out Chloe’s warrior instincts and convince her she is the woman he must claim?
Will Chloe’s desire to return to Earth and continue her normal life withstand the lust and passion burning in her soul after meeting this wonderful, caring and exciting alien warrior?

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