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captive thirst, olivia fox

Captive Thirst (Rough Redemption #4) by Olivia Fox – Free eBooks Download


A cartel princess in disguise. An attempted kidnapping. One arranged marriage to strengthen the crime family syndicate.

Carlos Drago:
Her scent gave her away.
Pure female.
She hid her true identity, so she could race my colt, and I’ll be damned if she didn’t win.
When enemies tried to snatch her up and stuff her in a trunk, I drove them off and took her home.
The problem is, she makes me feel.
Gabriela has no idea about my plans for us both, and when she finds out, that spark in her smile that I love so much might go away. Ours will be a marriage that unites our families.
The very thought of her unhappiness makes this fearsome soldier, whose body is a deadly weapon, deeply, irrevocably afraid.
I can’t lose her.
Though my hands are scarred with murder, I lull her to sleep every night and kiss her eyes.
She is my weakness. Despite being stronger than iron, I cannot resist her.
When trouble comes looking for her, I hunt it down.
She’s my family now.
Nobody hurts my family and lives.
No one.

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