Captive of the Dark Elf by Celeste King (ePUB)

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Captive of the Dark Elf (Dark Elves of Protheka #2) by Celeste King – Free eBooks Download


I’m nothing more than a plaything. My life is worthless.
That’s a basic truth that all human women on Protheka are reminded of daily.
Imagine an innocent daughter following her dad to his work as the head groundskeeper for a Dark Elf noble.This young woman is curious and stumbles into a room she doesn’t belong in.
A Dark Elf sees her, and his desires inflamed, he literally takes her from her dad.
That was me. Taken and locked away to be used to satisfy the basest of Haftar’s desires.
Now I’m trapped in a society that prizes casual brutality and the amoral pursuit of pleasure.
Where human life means nothing and is snuffed out for sport.
The Dark Elf is my master in this twisted world of nightmares.
But that’s not the worst horror I have to experience at his hands.
The truly terrifying thing about Haftar isn’t that he’s evil.
It’s that the more evil he shows me…
The more I fall in love with him.

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