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The best friends to lovers you’ve been waiting for! Grab your copy for a front row seat to the funny, one-upping friendship, the tender understanding only best friends can give each other, and the blood-rushing sizzle they bring to the bedroom. Set some time aside, because you’ll devour this book in one sitting!

Canuck. What a weird name. It’s like calling someone The American. It might make sense down at Westbury, where he’s a superstar goalie for the college. In the Great White North (land of maple syrup and Tim Hortons) not so much.
He’ll always be Liam Frazier to me. My best friend. The same guy who told me I looked like a tasty piece of chocolate when he tried to pick me up in grade six. That was a fail. One I still like to give him a hard time about ten years later. I still remember him, looking like a horse, with his lanky legs and crazy mullet.

Now, he’s gone from colt to stallion. It’s hard not to notice all the ways he’s… filled out. His broad shoulders, cut biceps not to mention the places where I’m not supposed to look! And I don’t look. Usually.
Liam is more than the amazing body he’s grown into, impressive as it is. He’s the guy who can make me laugh — even when my life is falling apart. He’s not Mr. Big Time Goalie to me, he’s my best friend. He shows up when I need him, whether it’s moving an apartment full of stuff, or trying and failing to show me up in a dance off.

He’s irreplaceable.
An irreplaceable friendship isn’t something you should mess up. Not by sleeping with them. Not by living with them. And definitely, 100% not by falling in love with them… so why am I doing all three?

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