Can You See Me? by Romilly King (ePUB)

can you see me, romilly king

Can You See Me? (The Outreach #1) by Romilly King – Free eBooks Download


Josh needs a Dom. Mal needs an education. Could this be mutually beneficial?

This is The Outreach, where the kink curious can have their desires analysed, their cravings explained, and if they are lucky, find the right kind of someone to meet their needs.
It’s brand new and causing waves, politically and socially. Some see it as a green light for deviancy, for others it’s their last chance to understand why they want the things they want.

When my boss sent me on this assignment I thought I was writing a fluff piece, a sly little dig at the newest psychobabble trend to hitch itself to the “discover yourself” gravy train. I was wrong. It seems these guys actually know what they are talking about, and what they are saying is resonating inside me on a primal level. It’s making me feel all kinds of stupid about how I’ve played in the past, and all kinds of fascinated for how to scene in the future. I’m revising this story, and I’m going to learn everything The Outreach has to offer.

I’m not doing so great. I’ve not been doing great for a long time. It’s easy to blame it on my service, to be that PTSD veteran, but it’s more than that. There is this need inside me that I never explored and then the trauma denied me the freedom to even consider it. I don’t know if this Outreach thing can help me, but with their science and their skills they can tell me the kind of man I could have been, the kind of love I could have had, and there is some comfort in that. I might be too old and too damaged to ever truly experience my desires, but I want to know, just for myself, just for the record, which way I am tilted.

Two very different men, two very different reasons to be where they are, but The Outreach will bring them together and help them see themselves and each other.

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