Can you Reach us? by Romilly King (ePUB)

can you reach us, romilly king

Can you Reach us? (The Outreach #2) by Romilly King – Free eBooks Download


“Before you ask, he can’t speak, and before you try it, we’re never separated.”
Those are the first words Trent says to every new person thrust into his and Micah’s life.
Not everyone listens.
So far this place is different. There has been a warm bed and soft clothes. There’s filling food and, blessings indeed, a hot shower. For once he is clean, and Micah, when he curls around him, doesn’t smell like dirt and sweat and tears.
Trent thinks this must be limbo, but a nice one, not like the one they were expecting.
He’s not going to assume it will last, but he’ll take it while he can, get his strength back to face the next threat thrown at them.
They’ve heard a lot of promises, Trent and Micah, but the serious man with the sad eyes insists he’s going to fight for them, so they can stay together, and he says that nothing that has happened so far was their fault.
Trent finds that difficult to believe. Nobody has said that before, because it has always been their fault, right from the start.

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