Cam’s Strawberry Moon by Cyndi Faria (ePUB)

cam's moon, cyndi faria

Cam’s Strawberry Moon (Timber Cove Wolves MC #5) by Cyndi Faria – Free eBooks Download


Ex-Marine, human Cam Smultron will face the fight of his life. After he’s mortally wounded, wolf-shifter Pepper Ruslor must make a choice to turn Cam or let him die.
Pepper Ruslor
It all started when the rogue human strolled into the bar, thinking I’d be his next hit. But he had me all wrong. I wasn’t even human. Patrons howled. They always howled in Deadwood. And in Timber Cove.
Still, Cam Smultron tempted me with promise of more. More than a member of the pack. Of worldly experience—something I never had. He was one of those older, sexy cowboys too cocky for his own good, but his touch, his taste, he drew me in.
If he wasn’t human, I’d submit. But who am I kidding. Cam spun me in a new direction, tempting me with his ruffled hair and a crooked smirk that could seduce a demon. He was so close to being mine I could feel him in my soul.
Until he met the ultimate monster. Until he sacrificed his life for me. To save him, I have to make a choice: reveal what I am and turn him or let him die.
Cam Smultron
One look at Pepper Ruslor and I’m setting up house, something I can’t allow. They called me a drifter. But I’m Special Ops. An ex-Marine whose mistake led to my brother’s death. Humor, meaningless flirtations, one-nighters hide my pain. Until she walked into the bar. Until she woke feelings and desire I could no longer deny.
Pepper made me think of what I could have if I chanced opening up. If I chanced a shot at healing: A family. Purpose. Brotherhood. So, I made a move.
She shot me down, evoking my Alpha side. She became a target I’d do anything to hit.
Pepper with her strawberry hair, and freckles I planned to taste right along with that dirty mouth. I’m coming for her, and I won’t stop until I make her mine.
Except I don’t expect to come up against a monster who haunts my dreams. To put my life on the line. To protect Pepper, I’m giving all I’ve got.

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