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Camden (Sweet Springs #2) by K.L. Mott – Free eBooks Download


Playboy. Serial dater. Won’t commit. I’d heard it all. To be completely fair, it used to be true. I didn’t want to settle down. Didn’t want to let someone in. I wasn’t the relationship type. Growing up I didn’t exactly have the best example of a healthy relationship.
I didn’t want the forever kind of love…Until her.
Stephanie Monroe rolled into Sweet Springs, blowing my plans out of the water. One glimpse of her sitting in the corner booth of my sister’s coffee shop, reading and biting her bottom lip, and I was lost. She had me hooked and she didn’t even know I existed. It was refreshing, but she was running from something. I could see it from a mile away.
I just didn’t think it would take so much for her to let me in. To trust me. It didn’t matter how long it took though because I belonged with her. I would do anything to protect her, but can you ever truly outrun your past?

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