Calling His Bluff by Maira James (ePUB)

calling his bluff, maira james

Calling His Bluff (Love in Spades #2) by Maira James – Free eBooks Download


One fake engagement.
Two wild cards.
Three months to figure it out.

Michelle Barrett’s dreams for the future come to a screeching halt when the bed and breakfast that’s been in her family for years is stolen out from under her. By none other than Grayson Davenport.
Control has always been an attribute Gray prided himself on, until Michelle and her irresistible curls waltzed into his life and stole it. One thing she won’t steal is Orchid Valley, his one chance to redeem his past.
With Gray desperate for a fake fiancee, Michelle offers salvation–at a price. The one thing he refuses to give up and the one thing she refuses to let go.
Their chemistry is overwhelming, their past is sordid, and their future is unknown. There’s only one thing they can do…spend the summer getting each other out of their systems, because he will never be the man she needs.
But, with their barriers broken down brick by brick, it doesn’t take long for her to call his bluff.

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