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call it quits, reese knightley

Call It Quits (Code Of Honor #8) by Reese Knightley – Free eBooks Download


The last time Beckett walked out on him, Holden knew it was time to let him go.
Since the day they’d met, he’d known they were meant for one another, but Beckett doesn’t feel the same. Now, it’s time to call it quits, only Beckett is in trouble and Holden can’t walk away until the man is out of danger. If truth be told, maybe not even then.

It’s not easy fighting powerful forces and juggling things with Holden.
He knows Holden wants more, but he’s skittish about commitment and he has his reasons. Right now though, those reasons take a back seat to the trouble he’s got brewing. So he wants, no he needs, Holden fighting by his side and honestly, he doesn’t want to think about Holden walking away.
It’s all about the timing…

With time running out, it’s a race to catch the bad guys before they start killing hostages. Can a commitment phobic, ex-army, talkative lieutenant and an active duty, easy going, patient sergeant put their rocky relationship on hold to take on corrupt law enforcement? And if they do, when the dust settles, will they fully commit to each other or call it quits?

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