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Calavera Society (Rotten Romance Duet #1) by V. Domino – Free eBooks Download


In a small and prosperous town called Coventry, lies a secret society so dark you can taste it in the air like the rotted sweetness of decay.

After finding out her father is part of a dangerous society, Valeria Calavera, finds herself forced to move to Coventry to live with her estranged father in order to fulfill her mother’s debt.
Family secrets are revealed and her once happy – though broken – home becomes corroded in Val’s eyes, but she’s determined to push through the pain.
With her best friend, Noah, at her side, Val fights to survive the trial of the next three months… just long enough for her eighteenth birthday to arrive.
She and Noah enroll for college at Coventry’s private university where political bigwigs have earned their names, but the heaviness of the dark academia is difficult to ignore.
It’s made even more difficult when her new stepbrother, Rey, the embodiment of her father’s betrayal, insists on interfering with her life. With his glinting eyes and brooding personality, Val finds it difficult to shake both her attraction and her hatred for him.
Friends become enemies and rivals become allies, all in the name of the Calavera Society.
It’s survival of the fittest in this charming town, it’s a good thing Val has never been a nice girl.

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