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I never meant to send that text.
The one where I confessed my dry spell and deep desperation to sleep with him.
And I sure as hell didn’t expect him to agree to my proposition.
Griffin Reed is an outsider to my hometown of Calhoon. With his multi-million dollar plan to revitalize the oceanfront, everybody expects him to bleed the town dry.
I did too… until I ran smack-dab into him with a giant pink cake I was transporting for my sister’s business.
Now I gotta hope I didn’t scramble the handsome stranger’s brains after he crashed onto the sidewalk.
As I tend to his injuries – and clean up the pink frosting plastered all over him – I expect him to be mad at me.
Instead, he’s the personification of a freshly baked cinnamon roll: hot and sweet.
But the rest of the town still believes he’s the devil incarnate.
And he does have this devilish grin, and tattoos that suggest dark secrets I’ve yet to uncover. Not to mention he seems to get a kick out of tormenting me with words and looks that set my panties on fire.
Then he offers me a job, one where I’ll be working in close quarters with him, the town’s mortal enemy.
I don’t know how I’m getting out of this mess, but one thing is certain…
This will be anything but a cakewalk.

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